50 Shades of Garbage

I have not read 50 Shades of Grey and to be honest I probably will not.  I actually don’t have an opinion on the book as a whole. My observation is how people react to the book.  I have not seen such staunch defense of a book or utter hatred of a book in my life.  The book literally divides a room more than any political debate can.  I’ve heard fifty year old women and mid-twenty something women both talk about how “well written” the book is.  Let’s not get carried away here.  This is lady smut put out there by people who knew exactly what their audience was looking for.  The book may be “well written”, but what the hell does that mean.  The book seems like it is entertaining and it definitely gets the ladies worked into a tizzy, but that doesn’t mean its the next Great Gatsby.  

People are just strange to me.  It would be a lot less confusing if a person just would come out and say this book makes me think about sex and gets me all hot and bothered.  Don’t stand there and make excuses for why you like it.  Just tell the truth and own it.  If I here “well-written” one more time I’m, I’m, I’m probably going to do nothing, but laugh under my breath.


That is all.


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