MWF 3 Survival Mode

Modern Warfare 3 has the best co-op mode in my humble opinion.  Survival mode is exactly how it sounds.  You fight computer bad guys( Russians) as wave after wave come an attack you.  Each wave gets progressively harder until eventually you and your partner get overtaken and are killed.  It is very similar to Zombie mode except these enemies can shoot back and evade your bullets.  I think playing this mode with a friend is the quickest way to pass time and a great bonding experience for any friends who want to kill a few hours and brain cells.  The only problem with this mode is it is only 2 players.  It would be much better if you could link two TV’s like in Zombie mode and have 4 of your friends try to Survive all together.  Speaking of 4 player games one of the best 4 player games ever created is for a system designed for 4 players.  This is obviously N64 and the game is Super Smash Brothers.  My friends and I logged a lot of hours playing SSB and I guarentee we will log a lot more.  


Basically this entry has nothing to do with anything except to give anyone out there ideas on how to waste time with their friends in multi-player games.


Here are other great multi-player games…

COD – Any Zombie mode and Survival Mode

N64 – Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, 007: Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Super Smash Bros

PS3 – Any Singstar (YES!), Worms, Little Big Planet, Winter Olympics

XBox (Original) – Halo 1 (Hook up the TVS for 16 players), Deathrow(great unknown game)

FIFA, NHL 94, Super Bases Loaded, NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Fight Night 3, Top Gear(SNES), Tiger Woods 2008, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fusion Frenzy

If anybody ever reads this(which probably will never happen) feel free to add any other games. 

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