Summer is not Real

Summertime is trending on WordPress today and aren’t those pictures of tanned, young, fresh looking faces just so damn cute.  Wearing white shorts sunglasses and staring into the sun just reflecting on how beautiful a summer day is.  Well I hate you.  I hate everything you are doing.  I hate that you are happy and find enjoyment in the weather.  This is mostly because I am jealous.  Not jealous because I want to be you, but jealous because I once was you.  I remember day drinking and cruising down to the beach with a group of friends just wasting a day laying in the sun.  I remember going to the ice cream shop and getting a large milk shake to enjoy in the hot sun.  I remember being a dumbshit kid staying up until 3:00 a.m. because it was nice out and tomorrow I had nothing else to do.  I enjoyed my summers and loved every second of each day.  Even when I worked my summer jobs in college I still loved each day.  

Today my life is much bleaker and yours will be too.  Unless, you are some kind of up-tempo life-loving self employed success story who can work odd hours and still get shit done, you will find yourself just like me.  Sitting in a manufactured cubicle on a beautiful sunny day, typing on a computer, stalking facebook, doing some kind of BS report for your boss and waxing poetically about summers past.  Summer isn’t real anymore.  Yea the weather is nice and after work I can go out and get some sun, but the setting sun doesn’t give you a tan like at noon on Wednesday.  Now when I try to take advantahe of the summer days I find myself burning through vacation time or trying to pack a weekend full of nostalgia from my youth.  All of this is manufactured and feels that way.  I’m trying to make fun, but in the end I have to wake up and come back to my shitty cubicle every single day.  

Summer isn’t real anymore in my world.  It is just nice weather and a few more hours of sunlight after I get out of my daily obligation of work.  Almost every single person will face the same reality as me and don’t think you are special and won’t.  If you like to have a car, house, food on the table etc. you need to work everyday.  So all of you youths out there who are having fun during these summer times know that I hate you and I am extremely jealous.  Have fun now and live it up because in a few years you too will be sitting at your office computer remembering youthful tanned days of summer where life was simple and time passed slow.  


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