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Nostalgia Sunday

James Earl Jones is currently playing the greatest father figure in any movie ever.  Mufasa in the Lion King.  Mufasa is a stern loving parent who makes the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love for his son Simba.  The entire world already knows the story and has probably seen the movie numerous times, but I’m going to analyze this story anyway.

“Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.”

Mufasa is the King and dad that everybody wants and needs in life.  He takes an interest in teaching his son all of the knowledge that he has obtained throughout his lifetime.  He is honest with son even when the topic of death comes up.  He gives up his own life to save his boy in time of need.  He fights the good fight to provide for his family and the rest of their kingdom.  Mufasa is a real “man.”  It seems these days there are a lot of real men lacking in the world.  A real stand up guy gives all he has for the betterment of society as a whole.  When you are selfish and closed off you will never flourish like the kingdom under Mufasa.  When you act like Scar, the self-absorbed power hungry ego maniac you can gain the world and still ruin everything.  Scar gets everything he wants at any cost and never sacrifices for anybody.  Because of his one-tracked mind everything else in his life is out of balance which decimates the land that he covets so much.  

In closing be a man stand, up for everyone who can’t stand up for themselves, respect others and fight the good fight.  When you do these things you will be able to provide for your family and keep your head up forever.  Be a real man like Mufasa and your life will be complete.  Stop searching for somebody else’s kingdom and take advantage of your own.  Make whatever you have the best it can possibly be and then you can look out from your own Pride Rock and know that everything the light touches is your kingdom. 


I think that last line was cheesy by the way.

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50 Shades of Garbage

I have not read 50 Shades of Grey and to be honest I probably will not.  I actually don’t have an opinion on the book as a whole. My observation is how people react to the book.  I have not seen such staunch defense of a book or utter hatred of a book in my life.  The book literally divides a room more than any political debate can.  I’ve heard fifty year old women and mid-twenty something women both talk about how “well written” the book is.  Let’s not get carried away here.  This is lady smut put out there by people who knew exactly what their audience was looking for.  The book may be “well written”, but what the hell does that mean.  The book seems like it is entertaining and it definitely gets the ladies worked into a tizzy, but that doesn’t mean its the next Great Gatsby.  

People are just strange to me.  It would be a lot less confusing if a person just would come out and say this book makes me think about sex and gets me all hot and bothered.  Don’t stand there and make excuses for why you like it.  Just tell the truth and own it.  If I here “well-written” one more time I’m, I’m, I’m probably going to do nothing, but laugh under my breath.


That is all.

NBA Finals

I’m sitting here watching the NBA Finals for no apparent reason.  I could care less about the Miami Heat or the OKC Thunder.  But, I’m bored and actually doing something productive seems too hard for me tonight.  As I sit I have noticed some random occurences during the commercials and the game.


First Chris Broussard (spelling) is an albino and he loves to scream when he talks despite the fact he is wearing a microphone.  He doesn’t breath when he talks and just shouts random basketball words.


Second the local weather man just stared in the camera and seriously said “HEAT AND THUNDER in the forecast for tomorrow/”  Either he is just messing with audience and is a comic genius and knows how corny that joke was and is making it ironically. Or he is an idiot.  Either way I laughed.


Third ABC’s new country singer show looks terrible.  It looks exactly like CMT.  A direct knockoff of successful programing ctaering to people with southern accents.  I have no idea what the show on NBC is about the singer struggling to survive is, but I think it was a hit and now ABC is directly copying it.  Which is exactly what CMT did with MTV.  MTV started with terrible music videos and turned to terrible teenage reality TV and CMT started with terrible music videos and has turned to terrible COUNTRY reality TV.

I’m almost positive nobody is actually cheering in the stands in Miami and it is just a recording playing over the PA system like a laugh track.

Shane Battier is the 2nd best player on the Heat.

Subway loves to hire 3rd tier athletes to be their spokesmen.

Shut up Phil Jackson.


Shut up Shaq.


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