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So Batman and Christopher Nolan revolutionized the Superhero Movie game like no other filmmaker before him.  I am a huge Batman fan and the third one Batman Rises looks phenomenal.  Now though every movie is going dark to try capture the imagination of 25-40 year old men who grew up with these characters.  I mean I get the idea, if somebody does something right and makes something great everyone will try to copy it.  But, movies like The Green Lantern, The Amazing Spiderman etc. are too silly to take the Batman road.  Batman is a whole different breed of character.  He is a real man with no superpowers.  You can make a gritty real life story about Batman because essentially he is real.  He has to play by real world physics and real world rules.  I know Batman isn’t reality and everything that happens to him is not normal, but he is a man in the end.

 Superman literally can’t lose unless someone randomly has Kryptonite which makes no damn sense.  Where are people finding so much Kryptonite.  

Spiderman is more of a man, but in the end has superpowers that make him nearly invincible.  The only thing that holds him back is he is a self conscience nerd.  But, his superpowers make up for all that.

These two are just a few examples of why these guys will never have real world problems like the threat of death.  It just isn’t believable for them to die.  But, Batman can die because he is a fragile normal human who cannot stop a bullet with his eyeball.  This is why Batman can get dark because humanity can get dark.  

The Avengers did the superhero movie right because they went over the top without basing anything in reality.  They made Super-heroes fight other supernatural creatures and everything makes sense.  If the superheroes just fought regular humans the story would end in 30 seconds like the first scene in Iron Man when he fights the terrorists.  They can’t possibly win.  Batman, however, cannot fight supernatural creatures from another dimension because thats not a real thing in the real world.  He fights psychopaths who are also essentially human.  

In the end Batman can be dark and gritty because he is realistic (to an extent).  The super-heroes have to be outrageous because they can’t have real world problems because they aren’t real.  So stop making Spiderman gritty because it doesn’t make sense.  

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