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The Most Valuable Commodity

16 Hours a Day

5 Days A week

4 Weeks a Month

52 Weeks a Year

40 Years

= 166,400 Hours from 23-63 years old.  That is the amount of hours you are going to be awake during the work week for your entire working career. 166,400 hours to master skills, hobbies, life and make enough money not to beg on the street corner for your next meal.  That is basically it.  Those hours are all that you have to live your life.  For me 4 years have ticked away and I’m sure as shit no closer to any goals I had when I was 22.  Although I have fun and try to tak advantage of everyday I’m still not where I thought I was going to be.  I may never be.  But, as time ticks I realize you are never going to be where you planned because thats no fun.  The struggle is the fun.  You have plenty of time to waste so do whatever crazy stuff you enjoy because with each passing hour you become a little closer to never waking up again.  Live it up, but don’t be an ass because I will call you out on that at some point in life. 

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